Does anyone elses menu bar do this sometimes after entering or exiting a dungeon? It’s frustrating and currently stuck up there.


Look at the cute little tiger cub I got from the Doki Doki Island Pet Box! I love it so much it’s adorable <3


wings can be dyed.

most important thing is animals mini doll, why always gamble kit?? why?

also, finally, You can dye your pet, on your taste!


Frog Robe buddies! <3


Also curious to see whether all these rare items finding their way into the game through the new gacha will cause the prices of said items to plummet in the market or whether people will keep the prices high. Hmmm.

I’m sure the advertisement scrolling of who is getting wings and ‘rare’ items from this new Autumn gacha will get irritating fast.

Encouragement to spend money.


I’m really sorry to Ai and Laur for suddenly going afk! I had some sudden, intense pain in my back, so I needed to lay down.
I’ll probably sleep, love you both!! orz

Aw sweetheart it’s okay! I hope you’re feeling better that sounds awful! Just rest and I’m sure we will both see you sometime later. Sleep well <3


Oh my.

I meant dehydrated not…adsofuhsdoisd (。・//ε//・。)


How far Ais has come, from April 2013 to September 2014. A lot changes in a year!


my grandchildren would be 200% done with me