Was a busy, but absolutely fantastic day today in the world of Mabi. Was able to spend time with Lau and Fin, to which the news of engagement was announced. Fin was kind enough to make us a Lutra Cocktail Set and Heartbeat Gateau Au Chocolat as a wedding gift with her amazing skills. So appreciative, Fin is so lovely I wish Mabi let you have bridesmaids, her and Liz would definitely be first choices. The person behind us too overheard our conversation and gave us some strawberry milk too. Also had Lau help me complete and receive the fireball skill, which is a skill I’ve wanted since I played as Mores in Math Dungeon. I had far too many things in my inventory, so Chase kindly came to act as my personal clothing holder, though some things like the rather gaudy pink Vocaloid shirt and pants set I decided to drop. Once I had finished the exchange, I looked over to realise Lau was wearing what I had dropped, and suddenly I was quite glad I had made the decision to. (There were many comments over the amusement people found in the fact we matched. Aha)

Then went to meet up with Malassey and Kerryn, however they couldn’t stay online for long so I went to meet up with Chase and Liz to run a shadow mission. (That is after my computer crashed twice.) I was amused by the bright pink lover’s tent on the way to Taillteann, even more so it was password protected with two people in it. Perhaps I didn’t want to know what was going on. Before the shadow mission, Chase and Liz also gave me some absolutely beautiful wedding gifts, including my new favourite Fairy Fire Wand in my colours, and a beautiful dress of which I will be wearing to the wedding. I wont upload photos of it until then, but my goodness I feel absolutely amazing in it. 

I then returned to spend more time with Lau and Fin, and once Fin went to bed Lau offered to help me complete the rest of my G1 quest. Bel turned up to tag along for part of it, but he had to go to bed. I loved being between worlds, and as you can see the mission was a success, although I died mid fight against Glas Ghaibhleann and it’s million gargoyles.  I’m very grateful to Lau for finishing the fight for me, without him I would have never finished G1, or made far through it, nor received my shiny new title of ‘Aistaraina who Saved The Goddess.”

Once Lau had gone to bed I met up with Alpha to commerce, and finally earned enough Ducats to buy a wagon. An amazing and productive day, thanks to the amazing people I know. <3