Started off the day rather proudly, and excitedly showing off my new transformation to my friends, then, simply due to a lack of anything else to do decided to start my G3 questline. Later I was able to attend the Tara Banquet, and much to my surprise Laur logged in mere moments before it started, and thus I was able to spend my attendance with him and Bel gathering free experience and enjoying idle conversation. Laur and I then decided to commerce for a while, however we took a short break and met up with Kaze and Ker to watch Kaze’s Concert Performance. It was quite enjoyble, and we were able to hear all the new scrolls he had acquired. Once Kaze and Ker had to go offline we ventured back to Dunbarton, first attempting Rabbie dungeon several times in hope to acquire a page drop from the succubus, then head into town where I found myself unable to resist buying Laur this adorable skeleton onesie. (Bel I believe you have one too so now you both can match~) Laur and I then went to assist Alpha in further commerce, where I was able to take one of my favourite pictures of the day with us all transformed.